R.S. Chandler | Project Scope Form
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    What sort of work do you need? E.g. logo design, brand identity, brochure, business cards, etc.

    Please describe your project requirements in as much detail as possible.

    Do you have a particular budget to work with? We often tailor the project scope to fit requirements.

    Briefly describe your product, business, or organization. What is its history, purpose, and future objective?

    Provide the exact spelling and capitalization needed for the logo or company name if applicable. Include such details as "LLC."

    Describe any custom illustration, iconography, symbols, or visual imagery you may need to include, or are inspired by.

    Does the design need to include a tagline, slogan, or secondary text? If so, please describe.

    Do you have any particular requests or preferences such as color scheme or design style? Will the design need to complement an existing organization or brand identity?

    Please provide some examples of logos that you admire. Even a simple Pinterest board can give us an idea of your preferred design style.

    What are your dislikes? Are there design styles, colors, typefaces, or other characteristics we should avoid?

    Please list where your design will primarily be used and seen (printed marketing, the internet, signage, tradeshows, packaging, stationery, apparel, etc.)

    What methods of promotion, advertising, or marketing to you intend to use, if any?

    Describe your target market and demographic. Include as many attributes as possible.

    Do you have a particular region or territory? Is your city or location relevant to the design?

    Do you currently have a website or online presence such as social media? Do you need a website? Provide any links if available.

    What sets you apart from your competition? What characteristic, feature, or quality do you want your target audience to be aware of?

    List any competitors that you face. How important of a factor is your competitive landscape? Feel free to include similar organizations, products, or companies in your industry that may not necessarily be competition.

    How soon do you need delivery of the completed project?
    A specific deadline/other (describe below)ImmediatelyWithin two weeksWithin two months

    How many original concepts would you like to begin with? (We deliver 2-3 initial concepts on average)

    Please include any additional information relevant to your project that we may need to know.

    Thank you for your time and information!
    We usually respond within one working business day with any followup questions and information to proceed.

    All information provided is proprietary and kept confidential as per our Privacy Policy.